Gemma Norrington-Davies

Gemma Norrington-Davies

Senior Manager

Gemma has 14 years’ experience in international development, with a focus on East and Southern Africa and Southeast Asia. With a background in programme management and evaluation, Gemma works with a wide range of development partners including donors, multilateral agencies, NGOs and civil society, to assess programme and institutional performance. She is an experienced researcher, providing evidence and analysis to support policy planning and decision-making, including Political Economy Analysis (PEA).

In recent years, Gemma has been central to the effective delivery of several evaluation teams supporting the UK’s Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI). Recent reviews Gemma has worked on include DFID’s approach to governance in Uganda and Nepal, DFID’s approach to building resilience to natural disasters, and an evaluation of how DFID works with multilateral agencies. Gemma has also supported clients to think through the changing nature of development programming, with a focus on adaptive and flexible programming.

Gemma has built up a strong portfolio of work addressing climate change adaptation and governance. She has worked on adaptation policy and practice, climate finance architecture and governance, and evaluating climate change programming and institutional performance. Recent work includes; an in-depth study into the links between climate change, migration and labour markets in the Horn of Africa; a review of transition towards a low-carbon economy, examining the impacts on children of disasters in Asia and the Pacific; and exploring the political economy of climate change in East Africa. She is a member of the Agulhas Climate Hub.

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