We live in an interconnected world, where complex challenges call for new forms of international action and cooperation. At Agulhas, we help our clients apply knowledge to respond to pressing global challenges through different services and across a variety of thematic areas.

Our services

Monitoring and Evaluation

We deliver evaluations, learning and knowledge to inform strategy, plans and actions. We draw on our broad methodological toolkit to produce dedicated research outputs in order to generate a deeper understanding of policies, practice and performance.

Knowledge and Learning

We enable organisations to apply learning and build capacity to enable continuous improvement.

Strategy and Policy

We support clients to apply knowledge to their unique circumstances, for better performance and impact, harnessing evaluation, learning and knowledge to improve strategy.

Who we are

Committed: to harnessing knowledge and learning for sustainable development

Critical friend: willing to challenge orthodoxies and established positions

Astute: deep insight into political processes and complex institutional challenges

How we apply our knowledge

We support effective national and international cooperation on the most pressing global challenges

We help governments, donors, foundations and civil society learn and adapt

Evaluation Learning Knowledge and Strategy process graphic

Our Hubs

Our practice is structured around two multidisciplinary hubs – the Climate Hub and the Conflict, Crisis and Global Challenges (CRUNCH) Hub – that reflect the interconnected nature of the challenges on which we work.

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