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Twin Trading: advice and support

Twin Trading

Providing advice and support to Twin Trading

Over the last three years, Agulhas work with Twin Trading provided advice and support on:

  1. Improvements to governance at Board level
  2. Improvements to management performance and restructure of the staff group to include a senior management team
  3. Agreement on the disposal of core assets in order to leverage a step change in approach
  4. Working with the Board and senior management team to reach agreement on the need to have a step change in approach to include a strong focus on increasing climate resilience for the producer partners
  5. Increasing market access
  6. Product development
  7. Improving financial sustainability

Areas of Expertise

Climate change and sustainability

  • Climate resilience and clean energy
  • Policy response to climate change
  • The business case for sustainability


  • Institutional change and Capacity building
  • Civil Society
  • Political economy analysis

Conflict and fragility

  • Disaster preparedness

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