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MOPAN Assessment of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

2024 Assessment

Evaluation Report


This report provides a diagnostic assessment and snapshot of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), telling the story of UNHCR’s performance within its mandate. It is the fourth MOPAN assessment of UNHCR, with the most recent being completed in 2017-18. This assessment therefore covers the period from January 2018 through August 2023, when the evidence collection for this assessment was completed. On the heels of December’s Second Global Refugee Forum, the report focuses on the organisation’s progress since the last MOPAN assessment conducted five years ago and the areas where the organisation needs to further its change process—working even more closely and transparently with its donors, partners and stakeholders.

The assessment was conducted through a rigorous process and took a collaborative approach, integrating the perspectives of a wide range of stakeholders. This approach provides multilateral organisations and Network members with a robust assessment of organisational strengths and areas where there is scope to improve organisational performance. The assessment draws on multiple lines of evidence (documentary, survey and interviews) from sources within and outside the organisation to validate and triangulate findings across 12 key performance indicators, which are in turn broken down into more than 220 individual indicators.

MOPAN’s assessment report tells the story of the multilateral organisation and its performance. Through detailing the major findings and conclusions of the assessment, alongside the organisation’s performance journeys, strengths and areas for improvement, the report supports member decision-making regarding multilateral organisations and the wider multilateral system.

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