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Monitoring and Assessment Framework for the Jordan Compact – Final Report

Final Report

The European Union

This report presents the third and final Independent Monitor’s Assessment undertaken by Agulhas of the commitments made by the Government of Jordan and the International Community under the Jordan Compact and at subsequent Brussels meetings in 2017, 2018 and 2019. This is a narrative report on progress to date against the indicators in the Monitoring and Assessment Framework, supplemented by qualitative assessments by the Independent Monitor. It covers data for the full year 2019 with a narrative update to March 2020. It is a backward-looking assessment and, as such, does not reflect the new situation created by the COVID-19 crisis, which will need to be addressed in future monitoring reports.

The Jordan Compact, created in 2016 at the London Conference on supporting the future of Syria and the region, is an innovative approach that has enabled Jordan to continue providing a global public good by hosting Syrian refugees in peace and security with access to basic services and some economic opportunities

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The Agulhas team was made of Peter Grant (Agulhas senior fellow and team leader), Bryon Gillespie, Nour Kabatilo and Theodora Yeung. To know more about this project get in touch with us at contact@agulhas.co.uk.

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