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Impact Analysis of Projects Implemented by the Lebanon Host Communities Support Programme

A perception study


United Nations Development Programme

In 2020, Agulhas began undertaking annual perception surveys to explore the links between primarily ‘hard’ (i.e., infrastructure) LHSP projects and the reduction of tensions between Syrian and Lebanese community members. Our research considered a broader range of LHSP projects, including additional UNDP pilot programming to reduce tensions within Lebanese communities and between the Lebanese and displaced Syrians. These pilots addressed ‘fake news’ campaigns to counter disinformation, violence-free schools (‘VFS’), support to municipal police, and a greater focus on community engagement in municipalities (through ‘MSR’ then ‘MSLD’ committees).

Agulhas completed its third annual perception study into the link between stability and service provision at a municipal level, for the Lebanon Host Security Programme (‘LHSP’). In view of our research findings, we outlined four inter-related strategic recommendations.

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