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Ensuring Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) in climate finance programming

Study for UK International Climate Finance


Agulhas completed a project for a flagship programme under UK International Climate Finance, developing actionable recommendations to ensure that Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) considerations are implemented at all stages in the programme lifecycle.

The project was commissioned to support the organisation’s largest programme to move beyond ‘do no harm’ and commit to climate change mitigation and adaptation action that is as inclusive as possible. Agulhas provided a review of existing research and best practice in this area within climate programming, helping to fill an important and widely recognised gap in knowledge within the organisation.

Agulhas applied an intersectional lens to shape the conceptual framework, which involved understanding the historic and systemic power imbalances and barriers that permeate societies, communities and global development programming. It considered the ways in which four different levels of racism (personal, interpersonal, institutional and structural) impact on programming, with a specific focus on institutional and structural factors. Draft recommendations were structured around relevant themes, including organisational culture, programme strategy & design, and supplier engagement.

The final recommendations were formed through a collaborative approach between Agulhas and the organisation. This ensured they were practical, realistic and implementable, with many of the recommendations benefiting from early support from relevant teams through focus group discussions, interviews, interactive workshops and co-created action plans.

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