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DFID’s Paris Declaration Evaluation

UK Department for International Development

Evaluation of DFID’s performance in implementing the Paris Declaration

Agulhas undertook the DFID HQ component of the 2008 global evaluation of Paris Declaration implementation.  This was published as DFID Evaluation Report EV691.

The evaluation focussed on the coherence of DFID’s institutional arrangements with the Paris Declaration (PD) principles and commitments.  In accordance with the methodology used for all of the donor evaluations for the Accra High Level Forum, it considered three institutional dimensions: commitment; capacity; and incentive systems.

Being an institutional review at HQ level, the evaluation approach was not designed to generate a detailed analysis of DFID’s performance against individual PD commitments. Rather, it looked at DFID’s fitness for purpose as an organisation to implement the PD as a whole. Findings on effectiveness were however presented in tabular form, against the five PD principles, in an annex to the main evaluation report.

Whilst an HQ evaluation, the work gathered insights from partner country voices in six case study locations, decentralised as well as UK based staff, and UK civil society.

A synthesis report (read here), drawing on donor and partner assessments including this work, was presented at the September 2008 High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Accra. Whilst conceived as a “light touch” evaluation, the evaluation has lead to DFID strengthening its work in aid effectiveness and assisted with DFID’s position at the 2008 Accra meeting.

Areas of Expertise

Aid policy

  • Aid effectiveness
  • Aid architecture
  • Performance management and accountability

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