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DFIDs Oversight of the EUs Aid to Low-Income Countries (ICAI)

Independent Commission for Aid Impact

Evaluation of DFID’s oversight of the UK’s contributions to EU aid in low-income countries

The EU is the world’s second-largest aid donor after the United States, providing aid to more than 150 countries. The UK’s contributions to the EU for aid expenditure are approximately £1.4 billion a year, 16% of DFID’s total aid spending.

Agulhas took part in evaluation of DFID’s oversight of the UK’s contributions to EU aid with focus on the impact of EU aid on the ground in low-income countries, through case study visits to Mozambique, Tajikistan and Uganda. This work further looks at how well the EU manages aid. The study found that DFID has a clear focus for its engagement with the EU. However, there is limited evidence of DFID’s influence on the delivery of EU aid on the ground.

Case Study Location: Mozambique, Tajikistan and Uganda

Areas of Expertise

Aid policy

  • Aid effectiveness
  • Performance management and accountability

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