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DFID’s Governance Assessment for Bosnia

UK Department for International Development

Assessment of governance environment in Bosnia

The work attempted to create sufficient political space for local Bosnian leaders and members of the International Community to focus on priorities relating to service delivery.

The work surveyed the local contexts of a variety of Bosnian towns and villages, as well as condiereing country-wide issues.  It compiled an archive of all existing research information relating to Governance, and provided a resource base for those experts who wished to analyse the governance environment.

A politically charged and complex project, it carried considerable risk, not least because of the variety of different interests from within the international (and local) stakeholders.

Areas of Expertise:

Aid policy

  • Aid effectiveness


  • Institutional change and Capacity building
  • Civil Society
  • Political economy analysis
  • Security and justice

Conflict and fragility

  • Conflict assessment and reduction
  • Human rights protection

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