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Annual Development Effectiveness Review 2022

Returning Africa to its development path

African Development Bank

The Annual Development Effectiveness Review assesses the Bank’s contribution to the Bank’s five development goals: Light Up and Power Africa (Chapter 1), Feed Africa (Chapter 2), Industrialise Africa (Chapter 3), Integrate Africa (Chapter 4) and Improve the Quality of Life for the People of Africa (Chapter 5). Drawing on data from a wide range of sources, each chapter explores Africa’s progress against each High 5 and assesses how the Bank has contributed to achieving it. In doing so, the ADER also looks at how the Bank delivers on its cross-cutting goals, such as better governance and greater gender equality (Chapter 6). Last but not least, the ADER assesses the Bank’s efficiency as a development organisation (Chapter 7).

The Annual Development Effectiveness Review (ADER) serves as a benchmark of the Bank’s progress in contributing to Africa’s development. This year presents an opportunity to demonstrate that the Bank has responded swiftly and meaningfully to the needs of its regional member countries. The Bank has done more than step up to the plate with financing. For the second year in a row, despite fierce competition for resources, the Bank was able to pivot into helping countries shore up their budgets, fund vital social services and resume investing in key infrastructure.

As the 2022 ADER points out, Africa’s economic recovery remains fragile and uneven. Therefore, the interventions of key indigenous institutions like the African Development Bank will be essential.

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