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Agulhas at the UK Evaluation Society Conference



Agulhas has hosted a number of events at the UK Evaluation Society Annual conferences.

In 2023, Agulhas hosted an important discussion about how we as evaluators in the UK and across the globe can meaningfully include young people in evaluation and international policy, considering the question from two sides of the evaluation process. First, the participation of youth throughout the policy cycle, including at the design and scoping phase of evaluations and second, the importance of, and barriers to, youth participation in the teams conducting evaluations.

In 2022, Agulhas hosted a learning session on collaborative evaluations, asking questions such as; What do ‘local’ solutions to global challenges look like?;  How can we make truly meaningful connections and enable mutually supportive partnerships?; How do we enable supportive, more equitable partnerships that value and reward national knowledge? and; What changes to the status-quo of global development evaluation are needed?

In 2021, we hosted a webinar on the implications, challenges and positive outcomes of virtual, remote evaluations, and tackling the ‘new normal’ following the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. We reflected on lessons including the ethical considerations of these evaluation methods, and how to address barriers they present.

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