Meaningful Youth Inclusion in Evaluations – Join us at the UK ES 2023 Conference

 Join us at 11am BST on Monday 2 October at the UK Evaluation Society conference, for a virtual panel and discussion on meaningful youth inclusion in evaluations. This year’s conference theme is ‘Rising to Challenges’ and  speakers will discuss how the evaluation community is adapting to support competing issues, crises and uncertainty.

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Earlier this year, Agulhas hosted a learning event on ‘Power and meaningful inclusion in International Policy Evaluation’, featuring panellists from different locations and organisations representing young evaluators and those seeking to involve youth voices in evaluation, both as evaluators and in evidence gathering.

The learnings from this event will form the basis of an important discussion about how we as evaluators in the UK and across the globe can meaningfully include young people in evaluation and international policy, considering the question from two sides of the evaluation process. First, the participation of youth throughout the policy cycle, including at the design and scoping phase of evaluations and second, the importance of, and barriers to, youth participation in the teams conducting evaluations.

Participants will learn more about youth inclusion, with panellists sharing lessons from Youth in Evaluation events, their own experiences, and working with organisations leading in this area.

Meet the panel:

  • Shona Warren is an analyst at Agulhas and on the leadership team for Women in International Security UK. She was previously the co-head of the Migration Programme at youth-led foreign policy think tank, Agora.
  • Ellie Sugden is a technical manager at Agulhas, and co-founder of Our Generation for Inclusive Peace (OGIP), a feminist, grassroots research and advocacy initiative working to get more youth involved in the peace and security agendas. Ellie has sat on numerous panels discussing gender, youth and equity in the international development space, and is actively involved in grassroots feminist social change initiatives.
  • Ashley Greenleaf is a young and emerging analyst at Agulhas, and supports research and analysis across its portfolio. Her work examines how theories of change and contextual analysis can improve project outcomes, and she has been focused on developing monitoring, evaluation, learning, and uptake frameworks for Just Transitions.

Our panellists and audience will also look at how evaluation is learned by the next generation, and how inclusion benefits the quality of evaluation and crucially, of resulting policy recommendations.

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