Roxanne Ward headshot

Roxanne Ward

Communications and Project Officer

As Communications Officer, Roxanne is responsible for Agulhas’ marketing strategy, communications and content, and supports clients with communications work. As a Project Officer, she assists research and analysis projects across Agulhas’ portfolio.

Roxanne is an experienced marketing and communications professional in both the third and corporate sector, with particular experience in developing corporate partnerships with charitable and non-profit organisations.  She is accomplished in disseminating content for HMG, technical and non-technical audiences, with additional experience in information management, accessibility, and promoting inclusion & equality in the workplace.

Roxanne is completing a Masters in International Development at SOAS University of London, focusing her studies on feminism, sustainability and global media, and completing her dissertation on intersectionality in the development sector.

Key work skills

Roxanne has a BA in English Studies from the University of Nottingham, with extensive writing, editing and copyediting experience. She has eight years of experience in marketing, media and communications and is a proficient user of a variety of M&C tools, including analytics databases, CRM and graphic design software. She is also a co-lead of the Agulhas Unlearning team.

Other interests

Outside of work Roxanne reads anything that interests her, listens to music and travels on a budget whenever she can. She tries to keep fit by attempting everything from yoga to boxing, with mixed results.

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