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Scenario-based virtual learning course



We successfully re-designed a UK government department’s Programme Management training suite to deliver a blended, learner-focused package. Responding to limitations resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Agulhas helped pivot its in-house training to develop a suite of virtual modules delivering a modular training suite routed in the department’s key governance materials and frameworks.

The reimagined course integrates scenario-based learning with virtual tools, audio-visual prompts and live-action role-play to test, challenge and support participants in an immersive and interactive environment. The suite of modules enables self-directed learning and are easily adapted to changes in training priorities, department guidance and learner needs.

Virtual delivery enables access for a wider group of learners, and cohorts participate from across all geographies and time zones. This involves varied levels of experience, enriching the learning experience for all. Team-based tasks ensure groups remain working together throughout and build confidence with their peers within a virtual environment.

To date, the online learning modules have been delivered to over 300 participants from more than 15 countries. Participant and client feedback on this practical learning approach has been consistently positive, particularly on the utilisation of scenario-based learning as a methodology, the encouragement of critical peer-to-peer learning and the role of expert support. The course demonstrably builds organisational and individual capacity so that participants return to their roles with increased skills, awareness and confidence.


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