Review on UK Development Assistance for Security and Justice

Agulhas Director Marcus Cox and ICAI commissioner Diana Good led a review on UK Development Assistance for Security and Justice. The review concluded that many of the activities in DFID’s security and justice programmes were not making enough of a difference to the lives of people living in poverty. ICAI in particular concluded that there needed to be a critical reflection, both on the overall goals of the portfolio and on what objectives are realistic in complex operating environments. The report recommended DFID to develop a new strategy for more focussed and realistic security and justice assistance and to identify the key evidence gaps across its portfolio.

Case Study Countries: Bangladesh, Malawi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Libya, Nepal, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka and Sudan.

Areas of Expertise

Conflict and fragility

  • Conflict assessment and reduction
  • State and institution building


  • Security and justice