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Guidance on Development Communications for the World Bank

The World Bank

Guidance on Development Communications for the World Bank

Study and guidance note for the World Bank on how to use communications to support the PRS approach and democratic planning.

Agulhas presented findings to a conference of African officials in Cape Town in June 2007.  The study and guidance noted that a set of approaches for integrating communication more fully into PRS processes. Among the strategies that could be used to address this is the development of networks or communities of practice among communicators across government, and boosting government communications capacity is to develop effective alliances with communicators outside government.

The study also considered the behaviour of the donor community. Whilst donors are an important source of information on development programmes, they are not always very transparent in their own operations. Second, many of the information products produced by government, such as PRS Annual Progress Reports, are mandated by donors and subject to formal requirements that make them inappropriate for domestic use. Finally, donors have a tendency to dominate the national policy dialogue, crowding out domestic voices and accountability processes.

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