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Review of DFID’s approach to private sector development

Agulhas took part in a review considering DFID’s approach to private sector development. Main purpose of this work is to examine the rationale for, viability of and coherence of DFID’s PSD approach and portfolio. The review found that DFID’s approach is highly ambitious, but these ambitions are not turned into clear guidance for the development of coherent, realistic, well-balanced and joined-up country-level portfolios. The impact of individual programmes is positive (particularly at the micro-level) and DFID has demonstrated its ability to assist the poor through a range of interventions. When considered at a portfolio level, however, it is hard to identify the overall impact and what distinguishes DFID’s particular role in this area as an aid agency.

This report was prepared by ICAI with the assistance of KPMG LLP, Agulhas Applied Knowledge, Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA) and the Swedish Institute for Public Administration (SIPU International).

Areas of Expertise

Aid policy

  • Aid effectiveness
  • Performance management and accountability

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