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DFIDs Empowerment and Accountability Programming in Ghana and Malawi (ICAI)

Independent Commission for Aid Impact

Assessment of twenty-two DFID’s projects in Ghana and Malawi

DFID has made a strong commitment to promoting development through the empowerment of citizens. It has pledged to support 40 million people to have more control over their own development and to hold their governments to account. Agulhas led assessment of twenty-two projects in Ghana and Malawi at different stages of development: two grant-making funds for civil society organisations (CSOs) and a project that supports community monitoring of local services.The review found that the social accountability programmes examined were helping to address obstacles to the delivery of public services and development programmes. The support for CSO advocacy, however, produced more limited results. The review pointed at concern that, when designing its programmes, DFID tends to default to CSO grant-making, which is not always the most strategic option.

Areas of Expertise

Aid policy

  • Aid effectiveness
  • Performance management and accountability


  • Civil society

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