Review of DFID’s approach to managing exit and transition in its development partnerships

For this review, Agulhas supported ICAI in assessing how well DFID has managed the transition of its partnerships with developing countries following decisions to end bilateral aid. Since a 2011 decision to consolidate DFID aid into 28 priority countries, (later increased to 32), UK bilateral aid has been phased out in whole or in part in 18 countries. In some cases, this meant an end to the development partnership; in others, there has been a transition to new partnerships, including on economic development and global development challenges.

Country Case Studies: Burundi, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Vietnam.

The review was discussed at the International Development Committee (IDC) in Parliament in December 2016. Watch the session

Areas of Expertise

Aid policy

  • Performance management and accountability


  •  Institutional change and capacity building
Media coverage: The Guardian