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Agulhas at Youth in Evaluation Week


Agulhas is a proud signatory of the Youth in Evaluation Manifesto, and hosted a hybrid, global event as part of the Youth in Evaluation Week 2023. The ‘Youth in Evaluation’ initiative urges the global evaluation community to commit to concrete action towards long-term, sustainable and meaningful engagement of youth and young and emerging evaluators in evaluation.

In 2024 Agulhas will host a virtual panel on ‘Youth in Evaluation; Accountability to Young People’.  Agulhas and its partners (including young evaluators and young people who have been involved in evaluations of programmes) will ask: how is evaluation is helping with accountability to youth, particularly as the end users of climate/development programmes or projects? How can we get more youth involved in evaluations and what are the barriers/enabling factors? Where do they (young people who are users of programmes being evaluated) see the value of M&E and where do they see they could add value in the process?

A virtual panel will discuss these questions from various viewpoints, including as evaluators and as end-users of programmes being evaluated, and encourage an open discussion with attendees via Q&A functions.

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