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Agulhas at gLOCAL week



In May 2023, as part of gLOCAL week, Agulhas hosted an online learning event with our partners, Catalyst Management Services (CMS), on ‘Key Collaborations for Influential Evaluations and Resilient M&E Systems’. gLOCAL Evaluation Week aims to inspire a global movement to further country-owned monitoring and evaluation (M&E) that is aligned with local needs, goals and perspectives. gLOCAL week was filled with events around the world, allowing participants to develop and share insight into how their work fits in with regional M&E ecosystems and the larger international M&E community.

In 2024, Agulhas will host a virtual panel on ‘Measuring Transformational Change – Lessons from Climate Action’, discussing the entry points and enablers to supporting the measurement of ‘transformational change’. We’ll discuss ways in which entities monitor and measure signs of transformational change over time. We’ll share lessons from providing tailored support and practical tools to build robust frameworks for monitoring and reporting transformational change for climate action globally. In our work with an international climate initiative, for example, we designed a portfolio level monitoring, evaluation, learning and uptake (MELU) framework including a KPI on transformational change, accompanied by a series of tools to support implementation and reporting against each KPI.

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