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Accessing, staying and succeeding in basic education – UK aid’s support to marginalised girls

Evaluation Review

Independent Commission for Aid Impact

Globally nearly 62 million girls miss out on an education. DFID has been committed for many years to prioritising the education of girls to reduce gender inequality.

In this performance review, the ICAI/Agulhas team assess DFID’s support for girls who are marginalised in education, particularly how successful it has been at delivering on its commitments over the 2011 to 2015 period.

The review gave DFID’s support to marginalised girls an amber-red. It found that DFID has made a substantial commitment to girls and improving their life chances across its education portfolio, however too many programmes performed poorly against their original objectives losing the necessary focus on girls, particularly marginalised girls and in some cases abandoning targets for supporting girls altogether.

Additionally, it found DFID’s approach to value for money risked creating an incentive to focus on the easiest to reach rather than those most in need.

Areas of expertise: 

  • Aid effectiveness
  • Performance management and accountability

Press coverage: International Business Times

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