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ICAI follow-up review of 2016-17 reports

Independent Commission for Aid Impact

In this review, the ICAI/Agulhas team followed-up on reviews published in 2016 and 2017:

  1. The cross-government Prosperity Fund
  2. The UK’s aid response to irregular migration in the central Mediterranean
  3. When aid relationships change: DFID’s approach to managing exit and transition in its development partnerships
  4. Accessing, staying and succeeding in basic education – UK aid’s support to marginalised girls
  5. UK aid in a conflict-affected country: Reducing conflict and fragility in Somalia
  6. The effects of DFID’s cash transfer programmes on poverty and vulnerability
  7. DFID’s approach to supporting inclusive growth in Africa
  8. DFID’s efforts to eliminate violence against women and girls
  9. DFID’s approach to managing fiduciary risk in conflict-affected environments
  10. DFID’s approach to delivering impact

This year’s follow-up review highlighted a range of positive actions, leading to significant progress in a number of areas of UK aid. Some review highlights include:

  • DFID launched a new education policy, which included a strong focus on reaching marginalised girls, reflecting ICAI’s recommendations.
  • DFID’s latest migration-labelled programming and research explore the complex interactions between development and migration patterns.
  • DFID is developing new diagnostic tools that address many of the concerns underpinning ICAI’s recommendations in the areas of inclusivity, political economy analysis and prioritisation.
  • While the Prosperity Fund is in the process of developing portfolio-level results indicators, this is being done only after 19 business cases have already been approved.
  • DFID has not yet produced guidance or taken practical measures to address its approach to inclusion in each country portfolio, striking a balance between promoting structural change and growth, and ensuring that risks of exclusion are identified and managed.

ICAI’s inclusive growth review recommended that DFID strengthen

Areas of Expertise

Aid policy

  • Aid effectiveness

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