Willem Van Eekelen

Willem van Eekelen

Senior Fellow

Willem is a development economist who leads Agulhas’ evaluation and review teams. Agulhas’ directors invited him to join the company after coming across some of his reports during a meta-evaluation, having been struck by his incisive analytics.

Willem built his experience in various UN agencies and NGOs, and then turned to semi-full time consultancy work in 2010. He is also a Teaching Fellow at the University of Birmingham, Co-Chairman of the CHS Alliance and was, until recently, Chairman of People In Aid and trustee of CARE UK. Along with three friends, he owns Green Visions, the Balkan’s liveliest adventure tourism company.

Ever the economist, Willem’s latest book is a Bloomsbury publication that targets parents who want maximum joy out of a unit of effort: “100 ideas for dads who love their kids but find them exhausting”.


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