Alex Martins

Alex Martins


Alex an independent researcher, facilitator, advocate and social entrepreneur-in-the-making, passionate about creating a more equitable international development sector.

Alex researches the changing dynamics of the system, with a particular focus on how Northern donors and INGOs transition from aid relationships to development partnerships. She has conducted research projects for DFID, the FCO, USAID, the Swiss government, INGOs, and has implemented over five reviews for the UK’s aid ‘watchdog,’ the Independent Commission for Aid Impact.

Alex facilitates discussions between diverse groups of stakeholders from both the global South and North, and is trained in participatory facilitation techniques including Group Facilitation Methods and Open Space Technology.

Alex advocates for greater equity in the international development sector, with a particular focus on the intersection between racial and gender equity, taking into account power imbalances between North and South resulting from complex historical and neo-colonial dynamics.

Alex founded The Equity Index, a UK-based social enterprise that focuses on fostering equitable policies, practices and partnerships across all types of development organisations.

Key work skills

Alex’ key skills lie in equity, transition, international development,intersection racial and gender equity,research,facilitation, advocacy

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