Vodafone Foundation’s 25 years of giving report – measuring scale & impact

Agulhas worked with KPMG to help Vodafone Foundation to look at the impact and and tell the story of its journey during the last 25 years of activity.

Vodafone Foundation’s approach to giving has evolved over the last 25 years: from investing in the communities in which it operates to leveraging Vodafone’s technologies and networks to create social impact; from making grants and donations to building partnerships and developing and implementing technologies to address social challenges.

Agulhas helped Vodafone Foundation to look at this change, measure its results, and tell the success stories along its journey. Agulhas also supported Vodafone Foundation to learn from the past 25 years and to design an ambitious and yet realistic strategy for 2020 that will allow them to continue having a positive impact and to reach 1 billion people by 2020.

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