We have moved into a new era of development policy beyond aid; the effectiveness of aid cannot be seen in isolation from overall investments in development. A growing global economy has led to funders becoming increasingly diverse. New entrants, ranging from a new set of state donors to corporations and private foundations, are beginning to influence how global development is organised. Relationships of accountability are changing not least that partner countries increasingly call for more accountability from funders.

Donor agencies are coming under pressure to demonstrate results, both to aid recipients and to their own stakeholders.  At the global level, the international aid architecture is under intense scrutiny and in a constant process of reform and innovation that will only accelerate.

We support strategy and institutional development to make aid more effective. We advise on knowledge management, and produce practical guidelines for practitioners. We facilitate and advise on processes of institutional innovation and improvement. We support results orientation through performance management. We provide independent evaluations of performance, offering constructive advice based on the latest evidence on what works, to support better development policies and practices.

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