We provide robust, triangulated and evidence-based evaluations to ensure that the resources invested in international development have the greatest impact on people’s lives. Measuring the impact of development projects and advocacy is a complex task that requires specialist tools, developed by our experienced team of consultants and analysts. We tailor our evaluation tools to the needs of our clients, providing solid methodologies and analytical frameworks that are adapted to each evaluation project and that avoid unnecessary or cumbersome interventions. We support the efforts of Government agencies, Development Banks, NGOs, foundations and corporations to put in place systems for quality control, learning and knowledge management. We evaluate processes of institutional change and advise on how best to develop national monitoring systems.

We are known in our field for our unique pool of consultants with specialist knowledge and experience in a variety of fields, suited to the specific analytical and technical needs of our clients. You can find examples of our Evaluation and Accountability work by clicking on the related projects below.