DFID’s Empowerment and Accountability Programming in Ghana and Malawi (ICAI)

Independent Commission for Aid Impact

Review of DFIDs empowerment and accountability programming in Ghana and Malawi

Dr Marcus Cox, Director at Agulhas, led the team for a review of DFID empowerment and accountability programming in Ghana and Malawi, including support for CSOs on advocacy, media and parliamentary support. The study consisted of reviewing academic and donor literature on empowerment and accountability including DFID-funded research programmes, such as the Africa Power and Politics Programme (APPP) and the Development Research Centre on Citizenship, Participation and Accountability, DFID’s policy statements and guidance material, interviewing DFID staff in Ghana, Malawi and the UK and reviewing programmes in Ghana and Malawi.

Areas of Expertise

Aid policy

  • Aid effectiveness
  • Performance management and accountability

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