Climate change support to UNICEF : Our Climate, Our Children, Our Responsibility

United Nations Children's Fund

Climate change support to UNICEF

Agulhas have been assisting UNICEF UK since 2007 with their response to climate change at both policy and programme level. This has included:

  • Drafting of the position paper `Our climate, our children, our responsibility’, advice on the carbon offset market, support to the coalition of NGOs and CSOs that make up AdMIt, led by nef and IIED, that is developing a new standard for funding adaptation.
  • Support to the development of a new product, Carbon Positive.
  • Development of various programme tools and input into research and policy papers (including working with the Innocenti Research Centre in Florence).
  • Support to learning and awareness raising on climate change for staff across UNICEF in  both Europe and for UNICEF’s leadership at a Global Leadership conference at their HQ in NY in May 2009 and European conference in Barcelona.
  • Also work with the UNICEF Kenya office in developing a template that will be both an advocacy and awareness raising tool for children, support the development of the Kenya programme through climate screening and provision of up to date climate impact information and to assist in greater government and donor engagement with the UNICEF Kenya programme.

Areas of Expertise

Aid policy

  • Aid effectiveness

Climate change and sustainability

  • Climate resilience and clean energy
  • Policy response to climate change
  • Migration and other climate impacts


  •  Institutional change and Capacity building

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