Mona Soussi-Tafraouti

Mona Soussi-Tafraouti


As an Analyst at Agulhas, Mona assists with research, data collection, analysis and project management across our portfolio and projects.

Mona’s role includes providing support across all reviews Agulhas produces for the Independent Commission for Aid Impact as an ICAI Project Officer. Mona is also a part of the communications team at Agulhas.

Mona is currently an analyst for ICAI’s reviews on the UK’s approach to tackling Modern Slavery through the Aid Programme and the UK’s Management of the 0.7% Official Development Assistance Spending Target.

Prior to joining Agulhas, Mona was a Programme Officer on programmes that sought to maximise the potential of female small business owners in the Global South. Alongside gender programming, Mona has gained experience in research and local government. Mona holds a BA in International Relations and an MSc in International Development Management from the University of Birmingham.  Her undergraduate dissertation looked at the use of transitional justice in advancing gender equality in Arab Spring states. Her MSc thesis sought to further the understanding of how the public perceive factors which facilitate sexual exploitation in humanitarian settings.

Key work skills

Mona’s areas of interest include gender, migration, trafficking and labour exploitation, climate disruption, conflict and displacement. Mona is skilled in undertaking a range of research tasks, utilising a variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Other interests

Outside of work, Mona’s interests include music, film and migrant advocacy.

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