Gideon Rabinowitz

Gideon Rabinowitz

Senior Manager

Gideon joined Agulhas in December 2019. He provides technical support and quality assurance on reviews undertaken for the Independent Commission for Aid Impact. He also leads a portfolio of evaluations and studies. To date, Gideon has been lead author of the AfDB’s 2020 Annual Development Effectiveness Review, quality assuring follow-ups to ICAI reviews, and undertaking work to support ICAI to develop new review themes.

Gideon’s career to date has focused on development finance issues, including the aid effectiveness agenda, conflict and security, health and education, climate finance and economic development. Before joining Agulhas, Gideon led Oxfam GB’s policy and external affairs work on development finance, developed and delivered research projects at the Overseas Development Institute on development finance issues, and led a high-profile network of UK development NGOs collaborating to scrutinise and influence UK aid policy.

Gideon started his career working on trade and development issues, helping to build, and then lead, the policy analysis and external affairs work of the London office of CUTS International. He manages, provides technical support on and quality assures reviews being undertaken for the Independent Commission for Aid Impact, recently including ICAI reviews on UK aid engagement with China and UK aid transparency.

Gideon has an MSC in Political Economy of Development from SOAS and a BSc in Economic History from LSE.

Key work skills

Gideon has worked extensively on UK aid policy and practice since 2008, and has also undertaken extensive work on aid trends across the EU and OECD.

Gideon’s studies and experience have helped him to develop a strong understanding of and commitment to promoting an emphasis on ‘adaptative development practice’ and ‘thinking and working politically’.

Gideon has strong analytical skills, as well as extensive experience in both quantitative and qualitative research.

Other interests

Gideon’s favourite pastimes include socialising and eating (especially in combination), followed closely by playing and watching sport, especially football. He is an avid supporter of LFC.

Gideon is a keen reader of non-fiction books on public and international affairs, and satisfies his love of fiction through his over-consumption of films and TV series.

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