Charlene Watson


With over 10 years of experience with governments, NGOs and think tanks, Charlene brings deep expertise on a range of policy issues relating to climate finance and financing climate action in developed and developing countries alike.

Charlene has explored the complex topic of financing for climate action for over ten years. She has provided thought-leadership across both technical and political challenges, for example in the effectiveness of international provision of climate finance under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Her work analyses the flows, sources and instruments of public climate and its interaction with wider finance flows. It increasingly considers how all financial flows can be made consistent with the goals laid out in the Paris Agreement. She led a recent review by the Independent Commission for Aid Impact into the International Climate Finance of the UK and is a contributor to the UNFCCC Biennial Assessment and Overview of Climate Finance Flows, the Adaptation Gap Report and contributing author to the forthcoming IPCC report.

Key work skills

Charlene has key skills in climate and development finance, consistency of all finance flows, and environmental economics.

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