Angélique Lecorps

Angélique Lecorps

Senior Risk Adviser

Angélique is a Senior Risk Advisor at Agulhas where she focuses on security risks and conflict dynamics. Angelique has been supporting Agulhas in a reporting and advising capacity, including for duty of care implementation and critical incident response during deployments. She also contributes to the publication of research papers and thought-leadership articles on expert topics, including for the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI). Recent ICAI reviews Angelique has worked on include the UK aid’s approach to youth employment in the Middle East and North Africa, for which she was country lead for Turkey and Tunisia, and the UK aid response to COVID-19.

Angelique has a background in political and security risk in conflict-affected states, with expertise in the Middle East complemented by several assignments in Iraq. Angelique has worked as an analyst, trainer and consultant in protective intelligence and corporate security functions and has advised government agencies, INGOs and multinational corporations on critical operational and strategic decisions and played a key part in crisis management teams. She has presented on geopolitical developments and terrorism risks at public events, conferences and in the media.

Angelique previously worked as an interpreter (French, English and Spanish) for NGOs and international organisations and is currently learning Arabic. She holds an MA in Modern Languages and an MA in Intelligence & International Security.

Key work skills

Angelique has expertise in geopolitical and conflict analysis, security management, risk projection and scenario planning. She also has a strong interest in conflict prevention and stabilisation, gender and security issues, climate-related risks and resilience.

Other interests

In her spare time Angélique enjoys fencing, yoga, hiking and cycling. She also loves Middle-eastern food, French cheese and Italian wine.

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