We collaborate closely with our clients to deliver knowledge and learning that is applied and relevant. We do this in various ways, including participatory workshops, learning and sense-making sessions and collaboratively designed outputs. We specialise in bringing unique insights to inform improvements in the design and delivery of policies and programmes through a combination of research- and practice-based evidence. Equity, anti-racism and gender equality approaches are built into all our knowledge and learning work.

We deliver blended, learner-focused training for government departments and other institutions, incorporating state-of-the-art digital learning management systems with facilitated, highly interactive and learner-led online and in-person sessions. Courses integrate scenario-based learning with virtual tools, audio-visual prompts and live-action scenarios to test, challenge and support participants in an immersive and interactive environment. Courses demonstrably build organisational and individual capacity so that participants return to their roles with increased skills, awareness and confidence. With over 500 participants trained across more than 15 countries, programmes succeed in achieving the ongoing reinforcement of skills and confidence, while building the mutual support of a community of practice.

Agulhasā€™s knowledge and learning practice is led by Nigel Thornton who has designed and delivered trainings and learning assessments for more than two decades.

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