Agulhas at gLOCAL Evaluation Week – Key Collaborations for Influential Evaluations and Resilient M&E Systems

On 31st May, Agulhas will host an online learning event on with our partners, Catalyst Management Services (CMS), as part of gLOCAL Evaluation Week; a unique M&E knowledge-sharing event, on ‘Key Collaborations for Influential Evaluations and Resilient M&E Systems’.

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Given the complexity and urgency of current global challenges, such as the climate crisis, processes for monitoring and evaluating progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) require even more coordination than ever before. But true collaboration is not just coordination – it is shared commitment to reimagine ways of working together – merging resources, skills, and unique strengths. A panel of evaluators from Agulhas Applied Knowledge and CMS will examine how collaboration can generate influential evaluations and enhance the resiliency of M&E systems.

gLOCAL Evaluation Week aims to inspire a global movement to support efforts that are country owned and aligned with local needs, goals and perspectives, allowing participants insight into how their work fits in with regional monitoring and evaluation (M&E) ecosystems and the larger international M&E community. The initiative is convened and supported by the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI) – a network of organisations and experts that supports countries with strengthening their monitoring and evaluation systems to help governments gather and use evidence that improves the lives of their citizens.

Case studies from the panel members will demonstrate how effective collaboration can both meaningfully use citizen feedback in evaluation, and curate strategic partnerships across borders.

Agulhas will present a case study on financial inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers in Jordan, in which Agulhas worked collaboratively with partners in Jordan to analyse barriers to, and potential opportunities for, the expansion of financial inclusion, creating an agenda for policy action.

CMS will present learnings from their in-house collaboration platform, CommunityActionLab, which brings together 350+ community-based organisations, and aims to build the resilience of vulnerable people and institutions. The platform works to synergise resource access and allocate efforts in an adaptive manner, reflecting community needs and delivery ecosystems in real-time.

A final Agulhas case study will highlight M&E support and evaluations for an international climate foundation, designed to reflect and accommodate the politically challenging backdrop of the assessments and provide insights that support live course correction.

Participants will be exposed to practical tools and methods for incorporating local stakeholders in international evaluation, including stakeholder network analysis and political economy analysis (PEA).

There will then be a Q&A, where participants and panellists will discuss how these innovative collaboration arrangements can integrate the social, economic, and political context of M&E systems into evaluations, and strengthen the relevance of evidence in decision-making.

The panel will be composed of two Agulhas evaluators, Theo Yeung and Kate Cerna, and two CMS evaluators, Nitish Kumar and Siva Balasubramanian, and chaired by Agulhas’ Climate Hub lead, Gemma Norrington-Davies.

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