Nigel cofounded Agulhas in 2003. Nigel’s role as Managing Director includes leading the company so that Agulhas remains focused on the needs of its customers. His motivation is to provide honest, high quality and responsive support that enables improvements in global development and sustainability

Nigel specialises in development effectiveness, governance & institutional development. With extensive experience over the last 18 years in project design, evaluation, monitoring, review and management, Nigel has a reputation for incisive assessments of institutional capacity. He has managed a range of lesson-learning exercises relating to development effectiveness, from the Paris Declaration to the funding for climate change, and fragile states. In addition, Nigel has undertaken various influential forensic studies into programme, project and performance management.

With a professional background in health management in Africa and the UK, Nigel has operational and policy experience of complex change processes at institutional and national level.  His technical experience is diverse and includes themes as varied as democratisation, HIV/AIDS and post-conflict reconstruction. Nigel has worked for many clients including the African and Asian Development Banks, DFID, the European Commission, the Government of Ireland, JICA, UNICEF, the Government of South Africa and the World Bank. In recent years he has developed expertise in strengthening the institutional response to climate change. In particular, he is often asked to look at the interface of climate change, aid effectiveness and governance. He is currently on the core team delivering support to the UK’s Independent Commission on Aid Impact. He led the team that delivered ICAI’s report How DFID Learns.