Dr. Marcus Cox is a Director of Agulhas Applied Knowledge. He leads the Agulhas practice in the areas of law and justice, conflict and fragility, capacity building and development effectiveness. As a leading expert on contemporary development issues and a specialist in political economy analysis, his work includes a broad range of policy development, research, analysis and evaluation services.

Marcus is Technical Director for the Agulhas-led Consortium that carries out reviews for the UK’s Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI). He oversees the design and delivery of all ICAI reviews, while providing strategic and technical advice to the Commission. He has led a number of past ICAI reviews, including on security and justice, the Conflict Pool, DFID’s use of budget support and the UK’s response to the Arab Spring.

He has worked extensively on the challenges of institutional development and capacity building, and is a leading practitioner on adaptive programming. He serves as an evaluator for the Africa Governance Initiative and ODI’s Budget Strengthening Initiative. He has also worked extensively on aid effectiveness. He led the independent monitoring of aid effectiveness in Vietnam for a number of years, and has reviewed or helped to design joint assistance strategies in a number of countries.

Marcus’s writing and editing skills are in high demand. In addition to his lengthy list of publications, he is lead author for the African Development Bank’s Development Effectiveness Review series and for the High-Level Panel on Fragile States in Africa.

Marcus is a lawyer by training, with a Ph.D. in international law from Cambridge University. Prior to joining Agulhas, he was a founding member and Senior Editor of the European Stability Initiative, a prominent independent research institute specialising in South-Eastern Europe. As a lawyer, he helped to design the mechanisms for restitution of property in post-war Bosnia and Kosovo.