Climate disruption is an established threat multiplier and risk accelerator. Meeting the growing demand for clean air and water, food, energy and other resources while protecting our ecosystem requires solutions that take into account the interdependency of human progress with the health of the planet.

Agulhas advises intergovernmental organisations, donors and corporations on the implications of and the range of responses to climate disruption. This includes advising on policy, programming, advocacy, securing the supply chain and fundraising. Our 20 years of experience includes advising clients on improving climate resilience in the supply chain,  responding to adaptation challenges in developing countries and designing new adaptation products and fundraising tools. We have worked UNICEF UK putting climate impacts at the heart of the their work and fundraising, with CDKN producing a series of seven reports highlighting the risks of extreme weather events, with a key retailer assessing the risks in their supply chain and with the Committee on Climate Change supporting their Climate Change Risk Assessment for the UK 2017. We have supported the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) and multilateral development banks on the challenge of improving climate finance flows to developing countries across two reports covering 11 countries.

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